Why I Love Lord Of The Rings

by Howard May

The Lord of the Rings (LOTR for short in this article), is my favorite book of all time and for so many different reasons.

I love LOTR: I love the books, and I love the movies and games that have been inspired by them (more on them later).

It inspires me!

There, I said it.

In fact, the reason I am writing this article is that I was digging around in the loft the other week and found a box.

It felt fairly heavy, but I didn’t know what was in it.

I got it down and when we looked inside, I found a set of old board games which I used to play in my teens.

One of those games was an obscure I.C.E. Game called “Fellowship of the Ring”, based of course on my beloved books.

My son and I immediately got to work on the rules and although it’s pretty complicated, we worked out how to play it and had a great time.

I will put some more details about the games later on, but for now …on with the show!

One Book To Rule Them All:
The Real Thing:

As I said above LOTR (the book) is my favorite of all time.
“But why?”, I hear you cry.

Well, I’m glad you asked me that.

I love the story.
I love the themes.
I love the epic scale, the feeling that you are reading about history in the making (even if it is a made up history!).
It has sentimental value for me: my granny bought me my first all-in-one copy when I was about 10 and I’ve never been the same since!

I’ll explore some more of these topics in future posts.

Friendship – At The Heart Of LOTR:

One of my favorite aspects of LOTR is that of friendship.

It’s a theme that runs throughout the books and has been modeled fairly well in the movies too.

Frodo and Sam are the obvious examples here.

Sam, with his down-to-earth optimism, honor, steadfast loyalty and courage is badly needed by Frodo; more so as they reach the end of their quest.

These are qualities that I think are all to often missing in our modern world, as they are seen as “old fashioned”.

Other characters are not left out of this equation either.

I can think of Merry and Pippin, Gimli and Legolas and even people like Beregond (the tower guard at Minas Tirith – sorry he’s not in the movie!)

I have read that Tolkien was highly impressed by the character of the everyday soldiers during his time in the Trenches in WW1.

My understanding is that he based the character of Sam on these people and I think it shows!

Lord Of The Rings Book Covers

I came across this interesting site that shows pictures of all the book covers that have been used for Lord Of The Rings, from when it was first published, up until the present day.

I share it here for your interest.

I’m Howard. I’m in my third year at university. At the moment, I’m reading Their Eyes Were Watching God. Thanks for viewing my profile.



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