7 Unbelievable Facts About Food Wars

by Daisy Foster

Our protagonist is the reddish haired Soma Yukihira, a graduating middle schooler who has aspirations of running the family diner Yukihira. Yukihira is run by the two man team of Soma and his father, who are both apparently exceptional chefs to the point where it becomes a neighbourhood event when the two decide to get a cook off. Soma is all about surpassing his dad in making excellent food and eventually take over Yukihira.

Yukihira’s existence is endangered by the appearance of the villain of the week, land shark Minegasaki. She comes in with her gang of thugs and makes thinly veiled threats to take over the acreage that the eatery stands on, because what’s a shounen series without some early danger in it? Soma does not take this lightly and responds that as long as he can fulfil what the customer wants, Yukihira will never close. To discover a lot more about Shokugeki No Soma Season 2, I suggest you check out this page.

This of course means that Minegasaki goes to the extreme of destroying all of Yukihira’s fresh ingredients and coming in as a customer, demanding that Soma serve her some succulently juicy meat. Because she is used to superb elaborate food from the best eateries round the city, there is no way a chump like Soma could ever make something that could match – especially with no fresh ingredients.

Soma manages to whip up an incredible roast pork using nothing more than bacon, potato and various seasonings. It’s quite clear the anime is well researched, because all the “action shots” of the ingredients being cooked are astonishingly accurate. The juice of the roast pork bubbles viciously on screen, while the bacon wrapped around the mashed potato chips and shrinks satisfyingly with a brownish sheen. The end result is nothing less than Minegasaki and her thugs backing down, all while appreciating this luxury offering from our plucky protagonist.

I was very glad that I watched this show after eating a meal, because I likely would have been overly famished otherwise. It’s the type of show you could kick back and enjoy without thinking too hard about it, with some fan service which comes off more diverting than lusty considering the context. Browse this page to learn a lot more concerning www.ShokugekiSoma.com. Any show that will place flashy effects on cooking is already great in my books and as long as it keeps up the detail and keeps Soma likeable, I think we’re in for a great season.

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